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Gala Theatre – they don’t put on a lot of classical music, but they also do an excellent job as ticket agent for external events.

Durham Cathedral – of course…

Other musical blogs

Fran Wilson, fellow Bachtrack reviewer and author of the fabulous Cross-eyed Pianist blog.

Jessica Duchen – novelist and music critic for the Independent – always has something interesting and intelligent to say.

Musical Musings Anonymous – a music student at Oxford. She writes about music (of course) and is a great ambassador for state-educated-northern-female-oxbridge students. She also likes alpacas, which is a Good Thing.

PrettyInScarlett – Blog of Liz Watford, a pianist living in Durham, who runs the Durham Amateur Pianists Group. http://durhamamateurpianists.blogspot.co.uk/


Durham Singers – (this should perhaps go in the “my writing category”).

Recorder Playing

The Early Music Shop. My earthly paradise.

Mollenhauer – makers of my lovely recorders. I have a grenadilla alto and an olivewood soprano, both from the Denner range.

My writing

All my Bachtrack reviews are here.

I also review occasionally for the Northern Echo.

And once upon a time I wrote a book about Dostoevsky. You can also read more about the book on my old blog Notes from an Idiot (no longer updated).


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