Tchaikovsky – Violin concerto

Today’s music has been chosen by my friend Clare, who apart from my family, has known me for longer than anyone else – we met at playgroup in a village near Derby and went to primary school together, and although I moved to Dorset when I was eight, we stayed in touch – at first through our mothers and then under our own steam. Our letters to each other in our teenage years were considerably longer than any school essays. She and her family are having a tough time at the moment. Clare, I expect it’ll be a lot harder for this to make you smile than when you first requested it, but maybe a bit of music will help. I wasn’t sure which bit you wanted, so here’s the whole thing!

The fish on the cover picture are because I (thankfully) don’t have any photos of us from that time, but one thing that I vividly remember about Clare’s house when I was little was her Dad’s fish tank.