Monteverdi Vespers diary 4: finishing the jigsaw

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I sang Monteverdi Vespers, and the concert of a lifetime was followed by a rather spectacular holiday too, so this final blog post in my Vespers diary comes after a bit of time to reflect. Thank you everyone who has put up with this year’s Monteverdi obsession: here are the final words on the subject.

Monteverdi Vespers diary 3: Listening

When I’m learning big pieces of music, I like to submerge myself in recordings so that I have a deep sense of how my part fits in with everything else that’s going on. Normally, picking a recording is quite a straightforward process, but choosing which version of Monteverdi’s Vespers to listen to has been a bit more of an adventure.

Monteverdi Vespers diary 1. Anticipation

There is no way that I was going to be able to sing in a performance of Monteverdi’s Vespers without blogging intensively about it… so here in the first installation of my rehearsal diary, I write about the early preparations, the poster design and the day we finally got to open the score for the first time.

What happens at a Samling Masterclass?

I’d always assumed that masterclasses were really only for other advanced students, but an afternoon at the Samling Artist masterclass at Sage Gateshead showed me how fascinating they are for anyone who is interested in how great musical performances are put together.

Pickled cucumbers and cabbage soup

I’m singing Rachmaninov Vespers with Durham Singers at the moment, and although I don’t have to battle with the language, I’ve had to overcome the effect it has on my spirits. Two Russian words sum up the musings in this blog post: ‘toska’ and ‘radost’.

Music, Light and Science

Some musings on music and light and science that have been floating around my head as I rehearse lots of magnificent music inspired by light, for a joint music and science event with Durham University physicists.