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The only personal data I collect on this site is information submitted by concert promoters either via the submit concert form or by email. If you send me concert details or email me for any other reason, I will not pass your details on to any third party without your written consent, and the only reason I might do so is to put people in touch if they have queries about events listed on this site. I save email addresses in my personal email programme, and I will only use your address to contact you individually if I have a question. I do not send out any mass mailings or operate any email subscription lists.

Note to concert promoters

If you have sent concert details to me, I will only publish contact information that you have explicitly given me permission to use (generally, when your information includes statements such as “for tickets contact…” or “for more information contact …”). If I’m not sure, I will check with you before publishing.

If I have taken your concert details from another websiteI will publish information that is already publicly available. If you want to have any details removed from a listing, please email me and I will do my best to act on it within 24 hours.

Concert listings are not deleted and remain publicly accessible to search engines. If you wish to have personal details removed from an inactive concert listing, please let me know.


Reviews of performances represent my own opinion, and I would not generally remove them. However, you have the right to request the removal from search engine results of any review in which you are personally identified.  If I have made a factual error, please contact me, and I will correct it.

site owner and contact

This site is owned and maintained by Jane Shuttleworth. All content is posted by me, even if authored by another writer, and I am the only person who has access to the site data or email. To contact me about any privacy questions, please email or call 0779 0148062.

I have a full-time job that is nothing to do with this site, so please allow 24 hours for me to act on any requests for data removal.


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