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I changed the look of the site a little while ago, and this week during the snow-days I’ve been making a few more tweaks and updates which I hope will be useful to visitors and concert organisers.

New Piano & organ teacher

Durham has lost at least three piano teachers (that I know of) in the last term, so I’m happy to add this note to publicise a new teacher who is starting out in Durham. David Harris was appointed organist and Director of Music at St Oswald’s church while he was still an undergraduate, and now, having finished his studies, he’s offering lessons in central Durham to all abilities and ages in piano, organ, voice and theory. I’ve known David for a few years at St Oswald’s and having seen him in action as an organ teacher, I would say that …

Interview: meet Daniel Cook, Durham’s new organist

Daniel Cook takes up the post of Organist and Master of the Choristers at Durham Cathedral in the Autumn. The cathedral’s central role in in our musical world and in our wider community means that this is undoubtedly one of the most important musical jobs in the North East. In this interview for Music in Durham, Daniel talks about coming home to his dream job, the important and inspiring task of training young choristers and the musicians that inspire him.

New organist appointed at Durham Cathedral

Daniel Cook, who is currently sub-organist at Westminster Abbey has been appointed to replace James Lancelot as Organist and Master of the Choristers at Durham Cathedral. James has been at Durham for 32 years – I first encountered him when I was an undergraduate in the early 90s, as he also conducted the university choral society for many years. I particularly remember the pleasure of being introduced to Bach’s B-Minor Mass by him, and his daft warm-ups that were clearly intended to amuse small boys (happily now under James’s watch, small boys and small girls). It’s a huge post to fill, …