What’s new

Regular visitors will have noticed that I gave the site a big overhaul a few weeks ago, and it now has a completely new look and a more up-to-date layout. I’m also very grateful to Michael Sadgrove for letting me use his lovely photograph of the Deanery and the back of the cathedral.

I’ve been taking advantage of the snow days this week to make final tweaks to the layout and to make some changes behind the scenes as well, to improve the way information about concerts is displayed.

Venue information

You can now click on the venue names in the concert listings to see more information about that venue, including address, google maps link, contact details and website. The venue page also gives a list of all their other upcoming concerts. For the biggest venues, you’ll also be able to see my own notes with suggestions about  parking, seating and anything else I think you might like to know.

Venue page

There’s also a new page with a directory of Durham’s main concert venues – I’ll be adding to this as time goes on.

Add your concert 

There’s now a form you can use to send me your concert details (but you can still send information by email if you prefer).



There’s now a quick calendar on the side of each page: click on any date with a white blob to see what’s on that day.


And finally … I’m committed to keeping the site free and equal for everyone, but if you like what I do, you can now make a donation to help with the costs of running the site and buying concert tickets.