Music in Durham

The Sixteen Choral Pilgrimage workshop

As part of their annual Choral Pilgrimage tour, The Sixteen run a series of choral workshops, based on their concert repertoire. There was a nice link this year, via John Sheppard, to a Durham Singers concert next March, so two of us went to the choral workshop at Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh.

The Sixteen Choral Pilgrimage dates announced

Diaries out – The Sixteen have announced dates for their 2014 Choral Pilgrimage concerts. They’re back to their regular October slot in Durham Cathedral – they’ll be here on Friday 24 October. Booking opens in January and I’ll update my event listing as soon as I have the information. It’s another great programme with music by […]

Watching and listening

I’ve been thinking quite a bit recently about the relationship between listening to music and watching a performance. A couple of things set me off wondering whether it’s important to be able to see clearly at a concert, and why we so often want to. On the other hand, with opera the answer to this […]