ETO – King Priam

English Touring Opera bring their award winning production of Tippett’s King Priam to the Gala next week. Read my preview and watch ETO’s trailer here – then book your ticket, because this looks like something not to be missed.

Ben Rowarth’s Christus

Durham University Choral Society will give the first performance of “Christus: A Passiontide sequence”, a major new work written for them by Ben Rowarth, at a concert in Durham Cathedral on 15 March. I spoke to Ben, and to Mike Summers, Musical Director of DUCS, to find out more about it.

Missa Solemnis: Durham Choral Society

If I weren’t out of town this weekend, I’d definitely be going Durham Choral Society’s performance of Beethoven’s monumental Missa Solemnis in the cathedral tomorrow night. It’s a fantastic piece of music, and a really big sing – Beethoven didn’t write much for singers, but when he did, he certainly makes them work hard. I haven’t been able to hear Durham Choral Society since Mike Summers and Clare Wills took over as conductor and assistant conductor respectively – I always seem to end up being away – but I’ve heard that they’re sounding great.  The orchestra are made up of …

My pick of Christmas Concerts

Now that St Matthew Passion is over and done with, and the stirring-up has been done, it’s time to clear my head and start thinking about Christmas. We don’t have a Christmas concert of our own this year, because St Matthew came so late in November, although we are doing a small carol service in the chapel at Auckland Castle, so I do get to sing a bit of Christmas music. The upside of this though is that I am free to go to everyone else’s Christmas concerts instead, and there’s a good selection this year.

St Matthew Passion

Naturally, this is a very biased preview, as not only am I singing in this, I’m also running the publicity and ticket sales campaign. But I’m also, honestly, extremely excited about the Durham Singers St Matthew Passion this weekend, and I believe everything that I’ve written for our official communications. I’ve been in paid jobs where I’ve had to talk up something really dull, but when I write things for Durham Singers, I can allow myself to be genuinely enthused. This is now me writing as myself, with my personal preview for the concert.

The Clerks: Babel Science

The idea of helping scientists by listening to music appeals greatly, so I’m looking forward to tomorrow night’s Musicon concert by The Clerks. It’s called “Tales from Babel – Musical adventures in the Science of Hearing” and it looks at how we pick out voices and process information from a babble of sound.